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My Mother expired on the 7th of December 2008. I could not save her but I do feel that the information that I had collected during her treatment period helped her and my family members a lot mentally, as we all knew some facts on what’s going to happen next after each treatment.

It was two years ago when my mother, Ansuya Devi Soni, was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer. It was a bomb- shell for all of us! The worst part about most of the Oncologists is that they do not have enough time to explain things –“ like what the dangers are and how the treatment will be planned?” I kept on running from pillar to post to get answers to my querries, but in vain.

They did Surgery, Radiotherapy, Brachytherapy, Chemotherapy, etc and I and my mother always used to have questions and fears as to-“ how are they done?, how does the patient have to be ready before the above treatments?, are they painful?, are they risky?, what will be the possible side effects of the above treatments?” for which, as I said, the BIG DOCTORS had very little time to explain.

During that period when I did not get any satisfactory or detailed answers I turned, to the WORLD WIDE WEB. Sites like,,,,, etc gave me the answers. They are the layman’s guide to know more about Cancer and its treatment and I personally thank, with folded hands, to those people who have done so much of research work and for making it available for everybody. It was a boon for me.

I am sincere in my wish to bring inspiration and strength to others.  I would like to point out that although my experience has come from caring for my mother  with Cervical cancer, I have compiled my book in the hope of bringing that inspiration and strength to those who have, and particularly those who care for, loved ones with ALL forms of cancer.  I know the state of helplessness experienced upon diagnosis, and the strength I found when I came to realize that although I could not stop my mother from dying, I could help her to live better.  My insight and discussion regarding pain management and symptom control and the emotional journey of caring for a terminally ill loved one, as portrayed by the inclusion of excerpts, applies on a broad scale.

I would also like to mention at this point that although I have compiled my book with the care in a home environment in mind, it came to my mind that if I could compile all the facts from different sites into one programme it would be a wonderful work for the Society. Most people do not use Computers or even if they have computers they are not that Tech-savvy to go online and search, so why not make it available to everybody online ,offline and also in printed version free of cost?

I hope by doing this it will help the society a lot and ……………………………………….